marți, 13 mai 2008

Ligia Deca- presedintelele ESU

Ligia Deca, fosta presedinte al ANOSR (Alianta Nationala a Organizatiilor Studentesti din Romania), a fost aleasa in functia de presedinte al ESU, fosta ESIB, Uniunea Studentilor din Europa. Bravo, Ligia. Ai dovedit inca odata ca ANOSR are tinerii cei mai competenti si ca organizatia noastra are de mult timp recunoastere la nivel european.
Felicitari tuturor ligilor din Iasi afiliate ANOSR!
Site-ul ESU si ziarul Gandul

A New ESU Generation Takes the Floor

May 10th: ESU is currently hosting its' 54th Board Meeting, along with Slovak member SRVS. Gathered in Brusno, Central Slovakia, 140 reprsentatives from ESUs member unions, are discussing the last six months of ESU work and deciding on the future courses of action. Of note, are the numerous elections which have taken place yesterday and today. The current volunteers end their mandate in July and will not be replaced post for post since ESU passed a new set of structures at its' last board meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The new volunteers, who will take up position on July 10th are as follows:
Chairperson - Ligia Deca of Romania
Vice-Chairperson - Anita Liice of Latvia
Executive Committee - Alma Joenson of Iceland, Bruno Carapinha of Portugal and Olav Oye of Norway
Administrative Committee - Antigoni Ioannidou of Cyprus and Joram Op Den Kelder of the Netherlands
Student Union Development Committee - Jens Jungblut of Germany, Kate Chachava of Georgia
Social Affairs Committee - Claire Guichet of France, Damien Ramage of France, Inge Gielis of Belgium and Marin Baksa of Croatia
Academic Affairs Committee - Ben Gray of the UK and Alessia Cacciagrano of Italy

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