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MA- Francophone Studies, Iasi, Modern Languages

Faculty of Letters

Department of French Language and Literature


2008 - 2009

This master proposes a complex and specialized approach of the French-speaking world (overpassing the borders of the French territory) with its double dimension: linguistic and literary. The approach is mostly interdisciplinary, by situating the francophone phenomenon in the European and world cultural context. The linguistic axis proposes some syntheses on the main linguistic and grammatical contemporary trends as well as on the varieties of French in different French-speaking areas. The literary axis deals with francophone literature from Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland, Romania, Africa, as well as with the most recent trends in literary criticism methodology, theatre studies, and the pragmatics of fiction.


French Literature: Reading Theory

Varieties of French

Pragmatics of Fiction

Romanian Writers and Their Works in the French Language

Belgian Literature

French Literature and Poetics

Theatre Studies

Canadian Literature

Literature of French-Speaking Switzerland

Literary Criticism Methodology

20th Century Linguistic Theories

African Literature

General objectives:

- To study the field of the francophonie

- To become familiar with current issues in French-speaking countries and cultures

Main directions:

- Literature

- Linguistics


Training courses in French-speaking countries (France, Belgium and Switzerland) offered within the Socrates Programme. 10 students are selected each year to follow a training course in a European country.

Number of places:

18: free of charge

18: fee-paying

Length of studies: 2 years

Selection criteria: marks obtained at B.A. graduation paper defense and overall graduation mark

Adjacent aspects:

Francophone Studies Seminar and Library

Belgian Literature Centre

Swiss Literature Centre

Canadian Studies Centre

GREF (Research Group in Francophone Studies)

Francophone space, GREF journal

Source: website- Faculty of Letters, University of Iasi, Romania

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