marți, 23 septembrie 2008

Model European Union Conference in Konstanz, Germany

Model European Union (MEU) in Konstanz: 06.-09.11.2008

Do you want to experience and simulate how the European Union's
decisions are made and influenced? Do you want to meet people from all
over Europe at an international conference?

Then here is something you should not miss! MEU Konstanz 2008 is a
simulation game of the European Union's decision making-process,
organized by AEGEE Konstanz e.V.. For 4 days you and 69 other
participants from all over Europe will play the roles of ministers of
the Council of the EU, parliamentarians of the European Parliament,
influential lobbyists and critical journalists. In your role, you will
discuss and decide on a proposal dealing with the prevailing topic
"Energy Policy in the European Union" at the beautiful Lake Constance in
Germany. You will even get the chance to listen to and discuss with some
interesting personalities of society, politics and science at our
evening events - so you can feel like a real diplomat and see how
practitioners and experts deal with the topic. And last but not least
you will of course have a lot of fun meeting, discussing and partying
with people from all over Europe.

Interested? Then go ahead and apply right now at!

-dezbaterea este finantata de programul Youth in Action al Comisiei Europene
-sprijini logistic si organizatori de la UNI Konstanz, Germania
-toata manifestarea este organizata in principal de Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l'Europe, AEGEE, filiala de la UNI Konstanz, Germania

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