vineri, 24 octombrie 2008

Bush, Barroso, Berlusconi- Rapists of Democracy

The most important idea in the Ancient Thinking is that each system of government englobes an innate flaw and therefore it degenerates irretrievably.
This degeneration ends up in an insurgence which overthrows the Constitution, destroys that specific system of government and replaces it with another, which, in its turn, also degenerates and creates another.
Plato and Aristotle discussed this issue and agreed that the oldest and purest institution is Monarchy, but it degenerates in absolute power, which causes the uprising of the most powerful leaders within the society, that is the aristocrats.
They overthrow the Monarchy and establish an Aristocratic Constitution.
The next steps are these: Aristocracy- Oligarchy (which is resented by the people and the people adopts)- Democracy (is hard to handle and it leads to)- Anarchy- Ochlocracy- Tyranny- Monarchy.
All systems of government are flawed as they are the creation of a human mind, and even if they have clear and strong principles, they will soon display hemartemata, major flaws, because the rulers do not know how to govern the polis, they do not master the art of governance.
This is the same with democracy. Because politicians in the Western World cared nothing about the voters, voters started to turn against democracy, as it appeared to be corrupted by the ruthless politicians in power by means of democratic elections.
For me, it is very interesting to see in the following years the reaction of different peoples all around the Western World as a result of the death of democracy and the fall of capitalist society facing the 21st century new obstacles.
If peoples all around the Western World decide not to participate in the elections, or if they are to go they will cast the ballot for a demagogue, a neo- Nazist figure or a neo-Stalinist figure, this will show the cruel impact of the cultural and political rape inflicted on democracy by the Western politicians who used to traffic great ideas for attracting the popular sympathy.
If in different countries of the Western World, politicians from Socialist, Democratic, Liberal or Conservative Parties will be refused by voters, this could mean the initiation of a long and bloody process which should end up in a new system of government fit for the 21st century.
Marginal groups and active minorities have now the great opportunity to simply dissolve a confused majority.
The multicultural issue is no longer a matter to be handled by democracy.

To be continued

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