joi, 16 octombrie 2008

Journalist of the left-oriented press

The MEU Konstanz team gave me the role of a Journalist of the left-oriented press.
This means that I will have get a broad overview over the EU countries and their dependencies and relations to non-EU-countries relevant regarding the issue.
At the MEU there will be three types of newspapers: left-wing oriented, right-wing oriented and a rainbow press.
As a Journalist I will publish several articles during the MEU that will report about what is going on in Parliament, Council and at the special events. My most important task will be that I need to critically discover connections, interrelations and vice versa. I need to relate the things happening with their backgrounds: could the fact that a certain Minister so strongly insists on a certain point be related to e.g. a certain economic or social condition in his or her country? As a Journalist I inform, warn, uncover and praise.
I have a strong influence on the decision: I represent the “fourth power” of a democracy and it is up to me to give the public the chance to know and control what state institutions are doing. My articles grant a mean of control over politics.
As a Journalist of the left-oriented press my task is to describe the events and decisions made out of the perspectives of the left-oriented press.

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