luni, 20 octombrie 2008

Media pluralism: Parliament opposes regulation of blogs

Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution on media concentration and pluralism, which was tabled by the Greens/EFA, PSE and ALDE political groups. Green MEP Helga Trüpel, vice-president of the media and culture committee, commented:

"Parliament has sent a clear signal that media pluralism is essential in democratic societies. Citizens must have access to a wide range of media and information. Media concentration limits this freedom.

"Parliament has expressed its support for a Charter of Media Freedom. There must be social and legal guarantees for publishers and journalists. Greens oppose any move to assign a legal status to blog authors and publishers, as well as calls for disclosure of interests and voluntary labelling. We do not want to regulate private blogs or set a legal framework that would encourage lawsuits.

"Unlawful content is already covered by national civil and criminal laws. Extending regulation would only endanger the freedom of press. Copyright in new media does pose some new questions however. Granting police powers to service providers is not the answer. New solutions must be found to pay royalties to artists."

The Greens- European Free Alliance in the European Parliament

Welcome 21st-century totalitarianism stated by EPP-ED and PSE (!!!)

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Leonard spunea...

Blogs should NOT be regulated in any way! People need to express themselves, no matter what piece of the political scale they belong to. People don't have to read the blogs if they don't want to.

I have a blog, also, at . Might wanna drop by sometime. Leonard