vineri, 21 noiembrie 2008

Against the European Union

I strongly resent the European Union as it is constructed nowdays.

I strongly resent those European countries which did not decide to call over a referendum on implementing GREAT CHANGES.

I strongly disagree with the cowardice of the so-called European democratic leaders because not all these stakeholders decided to hear the people´s voice in the matter of the Lisbon Treaty and the acceptance of the 2004 and 2007 new member states (for Romania, it was an act of mercy, I think).

When it came and it comes to taking important decisions, I think the popular vote is the most relevant option. I think that the parliamentary vote is a surrogate for the shallow European democracy.

I think that the European Union should include in the future only countries with a Christian-based dominant belief (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant et alia). I strongly disagree with Turkey, Russia and Israel entering the European Union because these countries belong to the Asian space proper. And I have nightmares thinking of the Eurasian Union (or the Asian-European Union/ Federation or the United States of Eurasia). And further more, with Russia in the European Union there will be perpetual political confruntation between the neo-Soviet Russia and those former Communist countries which mostly suffered from the military occupation inflicted by the Red Army (which, by the way, was the ruthless result of obscure agreements concluded between Stalin and the Western puppies).

I think that the European Union should have exactly the same kind of relations with the United States of America, Russia, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria. I strongly resent the idea of the Union becoming the submissive subject of a major power (´proxy agent´), let say, the United States, Russia or even China. No emergent or traditional regio-continental power should be favoured by the European Union. Same treatment for everybody.

I think that the most serious military threats for the Union might come from the frenzied East, (Russia and China particularly). I think that China and Russia, as growing economies and cultures, will look for a close geographic space to further their development. No Chinese or Russian soldier should be allowed to occupy an European Union member state. PLEASE check again the lebensraum principle.

I strongly think that by 2015 the European Union should expand deeper into the continent. Suitable candidates: Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and all other really continental European countries of which unfortunately I cannot remember now.

If it were to speak of a relevant foreign policy followed by all member states, they should work together to quickly decrease the dependence on the foreign energy resources (especially on the Russian oil and gas).

And about the European know...I am a pacifist, BUT if you really want to do this PLEASE remeber the shameful failures of the United Nations Forces in Rwanda (1994), Srebrenica (1995), Darfur (2007) and Congo (2008).

You, Brussels bureaucrats, you cannot be serious when you speak about the European identity. There is no such thing now...There is no strong European identity without real, actual individuals feeling like this. It is totally unproductive, as far as I see, to have divided loyalties. How many, let say, Lithuanians, Irish people, Germans or Romanians think as themselves as firstly being European and then nationals/ citizens of their countries? The European identity cannot and should not be created in the Brussels dark and secretive offices.

The Irish big NO...I do not really understand why the so-called European intelligentsia considered the Irish big NO for the Lisbon Treaty as an act of stupidity. Why should someone blame the Irish people because they rejected something which they did not understand well or did not understand at all?

I cannot be an Europhone/Europhile if I do not really understand or know what happens in the Union in general.

Do not force people to think in a particular way! You can convince them, but no hypocrite, double standards propaganda, no totalitarian manipulation...

If the citizens of all member states cannot be persuaded in a reasonable way that the whole European Union idea has many advantages for everybody, all the Brussels bureaucrats should go home and the European Union should be dissolved (and the United Nations and NATO).

Do not force a country to adopt an European ideology (some would say, instead of ideology, the European positive set of values, but this is an ironically arguable point).

One reason for which I do not agree with the actual status of the Union is that I think the whole policy-making process is deadly difficult to grasp and it has little connection with the popular will. One of the problems is that there is no clear distinction between the executive and the legislative powers.

The actual structure of the Union´s policy-making process resembles a sheik with so many wives that he does not know all of them.

I may accept the idea that the actual political structure cannot be rendered clearer now, BUT improvement, transparency and efficiency is all I ask from the so-called European democratic leaders.

My warning for the European bureaucrats: do not take the Irish big NO as toilet papers for your offices, because some time in the future social protests within the Union would destroy all the good job which has been done since the defeat of the Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

Wasn´t Thoreau who said that people can use militias to overthrow a government which they do not take any longer as representative and democratic? People should resist, mainly peacefully, a government which is no longer reliable and which no longer works for the people´s best interests?

In the end, I would kindly beg you not to sell any longer weapons to support the racial killings in Africa. I am so ashamed that we, the Europeans, sold weapons for everybody who afforded and who wanted to inflict violence, hatred and suffering in Africa.

And I think it is even to much to ask for complete denuclearization and the dismantling of military and police forces, right? As long as the OTHERS do not do this why even bother, right?

The show must go on...

And the deckchairs need to be rearranged...

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