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MEU Konstanz 2008-Comparative Analysis of the Position Papers

1. The Georgian Crisis is directly mentioned by one of the journalists of the left-oriented press and by the Minister from Romania. It is indirectly mentioned by the EPP-ED representatives from Germany, Poland.

2. The energy mix is supported by EPP-ED representatives from Germany, France, Cyprus, Portugal, the Minister from Cyprus.

3. More funding/attention is needed for research: EPP-ED representatives from France, Germany, Italy and PSE representatives from France, Ireland, the ALDE representative from Romania, the Ministers from Estonia, Slovakia, France, Italy, Luxembourg

4. Reconsidering the 10% EU target for environmentally-friendly energy resources: EPP-ED representatives from Italy, Cyprus (the EPP-ED representative from Lithuania wants "continuation"), the Green representative from Sweden wants a 30% target, revising positively the 20% target. The ALDE representatives from Denmark, Estonia, Romania and a PSE representative from Slovenia want the conservation of the target for the renewable energy resources and the reduction greenhouse gas emissions (keep the status-quo). The Minister from Italy says that his country needs a delay in the reduction of the greenhouse gas emmissions

5. Less funding for biofuels: EPP-ED representatives from France and Cyprus.

6. The Kyoto Protocol is mentioned by PSE representatives from Bulgaria and Czech Republic, the Ministers from Austria, Cyprus. The Minister from Germany speaks about international cooperation in this field, he also speaks about the transatlantic agreement with the USA ( the creation of a resistance block with the USA against the Kyoto Protocol requirements?)

7. The "cooperative" and "European solidarity" approach: PSE representatives from Czech Republic and Finland.

8. More jobs can be created if the production of biofuels is increased: PSE representatives from Czech Republic, Finland and France, the Netherlands, the Ministers from Denmark, Hungary.

9. Major difference between the French representatives within EPP-ED and PSE. The EPP-ED representative does not support the increase in production, while the PSE representative wants the other way around, the PSE representative from the Netherlands should support the position expressed by his PSE colleague from France, while the EPP-ED representative from Cyprus should support the position expresed by his EPP-ED colleague from France). The Green representative from Germany wants the increase in production only for biofuels made from used vegetable oil. The Minister from Poland wants a common European agreement concerning the increase of the biofuel production regardless the country.

10. The obsolete expression "Third World" countries is used by both Journalists of the conservative press, by the Journalist for the rainbow press

11. The involvement of the World Bank in the European environment policy is required by the PSE representative from Bulgaria.

12. Cooperation with the United Nations: the PSE representative from Latvia.

13. Greater focus on the nuclear power: PSE representative from Latvia, the Green representative of Sweden wants the reduction of nuclear power. The Minister from Bulgaria wants the increase in nuclear power production due to energy needs. The Minister from France is content with the production of nuclear energy. The Minister from Lithuania argues that the closure of a nuclear facility in Lithuania will make the country more dependent on the Russian energy, Lithuania may need economic assistance from fellow EU countries.

14. There is a correspondance between the price increase of food production and the level of biofuel use referring to the same region. the Green representative from Luxembourg- no, there isn´t.

15. Increased taxation for the use of fossil fuels in transportation: the Green representative from Sweden.

16. National production of cars is adapted to the use of biofuels: the Minister from France, and the EPP-ED representative from Italy says there is an increased concern in the car industry to build more environmentally-friendly cars (but she does not say anything about other than fossil fuels used for transportation).

17. Ministers from Luxembourg and from Malta say they will demand in the Council a differenciated approach to the production and use of biofuels, because their countries cannot comply with the 2010 targets.

The position papers of the MEU Konstanz 2008 participants are posted on this website.

WARNING: No information should be taken for granted. YOU should draw some comparative analysis not only between various political parties, but also within the same political party. For instance, some PSE representatives may support a small minority within the EPP-ED. Or, smaller countries can make strong alliances against the first-class countries. And so on.


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Theijs spunea...

Hi Paul,

no update on this blogpost from your side, nor how you experienced this 'MEU Konstanz' event.
Looking forward to receive a post on that, as you didn't had very optimistic expectations in previous blogs.
Got even more dissapointed? Overcame a prejudice? Any other experiences, conclusions or future plans? (as life is about what you do want, not about what you don't want).

Paul Sava spunea...

Hi, my distinguished reader.
I´ll try this week to post on my blog my impressions about MEU Konstanz 2008, as this Simulation Game is already finished.
Stay close to my blog and maybe you´ll be the first to read my impressions about MEU Konstanz 2008:D

Marion spunea...

I'm also ver ycurious to read about your comment - as I missed the event because of severe illness :(

I hope I can soon take part in another EU simulation!!