marți, 18 noiembrie 2008

New topics on my blog

In the following five months I will present on my blog some 20th century and 21st century authors from several fields: literature and literary criticism, sociology, political sciences, philosophy, psychology etc.
Here are some names:

Russell Banks
Michel de Montaigne
Giovanni Sartori
Terry Eagleton
Kevin Mitnik
Niccolò Machiavelli
Francis Fukuyama
Richard Wright
Alice Walker
James Balwin
Aldous Huxley
Robert Young
Karl Popper
Simone de Beauvoir
Hannah Arendt
Virginia Woolf
and many others.

It will work like this:
-either I present several ideas I found very important in their work, so just an enumeration of ideas
-either I analyze the same idea which is developed by several authors
-either I present my criticism over some ideas, expressed in their works
-either I present conflicting principles acting in the same field
-other way of work.

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