marți, 11 noiembrie 2008


I really believe that in the near future all mankind should gather around big cities, megacities or megalopolises.
There will be a huge exodus of people coming from floodable areas.
The rise of the ocean level will threaten human settlements in less developed coastal regions.
The Euro-American zone will have to accomodate much much more people than nowadays.
One of the advantages of a megalopolis is that the transportation infrastructure will be almost perfect.
The climate control will be technologically and scientifically possible.
But with all mankind gathered around at least 40 megalopolises there should also be another polity which would fit the social and environmental context.
The transportation between megalopolises should be facilitated by fast trains.
There should not be any kind contact between the megalopolis and marginal areas around the megalopolis.
People should be given the opportunity to choose of living either inside megalopolis, either outside the megalopolis.
The establishment of megalopolises will solve all problems related to hard acces to resources, to health care, to accomodation, to education.
Megalopolises should have as a system of government a mixture of the Ecological Polity, the Female Government, the Neo-Democratic Parliament, the Socialist Distribution of Wealth, the Advisory Council of the Elders.

To be continued

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un'A'mic spunea...

well, i don't know about megalopolies, but thinking about floodable areas, Romania is NOT one of them. I watched Al Gore's presentation regarding the global warming issue and i've decided to come back to Romania because Italy will be just a line in the near future. On the other hand, megalopolies an Romania don't mix good. The transportation system is poor as it is, we have no chance of re-thinking it for a larger city. And that's only one issue.