vineri, 12 decembrie 2008

I´m in the News

Translation provided by Google Translate:

Today, Dec. 11, from 20.00 in Amphitheater III, 12 of the body of the University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" elections will take place at the Council of representatives of the Faculty of Letters at UAIC. It is about six students who will become members in the faculty after the beginning of November have too few students seemed interested in this position. Specialization: German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, American cultural studies, classics, Universal and Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages applied translation and interpretation will be the group so that one student will represent the council. Romanian language and literature, English, French and journalism will only be treated separately. Post reprezetant the master will continue to be occupied by Paul Sava, which this semester is left with Erasmus scholarship at Konstantz.
Until this moment have not received mail subscriptions on the current presidential council, Razvan Ursu-hope. Those candidates will be present tonight at the time and place set.
At the first meeting of the council, which took place on Nov. 6, were not elected representatives because of the low number of candidates.

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