luni, 22 decembrie 2008

Is this a sustainable solution?

I thought about the Green and the Feminist Parties gaining influence in the public space and becoming able to seize the power form the greedy corporate managers who have enslaved our European politics.
But I´m not sure whether these factions are ready to fully ally themselves with the European tsunami of youth protests against the democratic paralysis.
It is very clear that there is strong urge for a political change in the European Union. But unfortunately I haven´t seen any European Green or Feminist leader publicly supporting the European youth protests which started in Greece.
I would say that this is one of their best chance to gain public sympathy if they will ask for deep structural reforms within the democratic system.
If the Green Party and the Feminist Party are reluctant at the idea of using the youth protests to make strong claims towards the capitalist patriarchy, everything will be in vain and very soon Europe will be flooded with the blood of those young protesters who asked for change and received bullets.

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