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Political Analysis of the Situation Created after the Greek Youth Uprising in December 2008

Political analysis of the situation created after the Greek Youth Uprising in December 2008

We are facing the worst crisis in the history of the European liberal democracy.

Democracy proved to the world that it is not the perfect system of government.

It needs either restructuring, either removal.

We may think that the Youth Uprisings are specific only to the Western Europe. But we should also think about the Youth Uprisings which took place after year 2000 in Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary.

It seems to be a pattern all along these protests. They attack the social foundations of those countries which had or have a right-wing ideological element in the government.

For the time being, it is hard to predict the return of socialism in Europe. All the social unrest which is going on is more than an attack at the government´s inefficiency. It stands for a child´s cry who cannot see in the darkness.

When someone thinks of the serious situation created after the recent Youth Uprisings, someone should also consider the following statements:

  • European politicians failed to reach to the young voters

  • all around the Europe, the youth´s electoral behavior is pretty much the same: they stopped going to vote because they stopped being confident in the Establishment

  • European politicians didn´t care about this, they got reelected, they kept the greedy hold on power, they isolated themselves even more from the social claims made by youth and their allies

  • but who will represent the frustrated youth in the public discourse?

It just occurred to me that the European Union may soon have to disconnect itself from the hypocritical war on Islamic terrorism. They may take the option of considering this type of social unrest as domestic terrorism. I´m not saying that this the way things should be but all possibilities should be considered. And preparations should be made...

Next year there will be two major events in Europe: the European parliamentary elections and the G8 Meeting in Italy.

I truly believe that the social unrest which takes place now is only a little part of the huge street rallies planned for next year.

When it comes to the European elections, the politicians must work really very, very hard to bring the frustrated youth back into the system. If the youth participation will remain low, the problems will grow even worse.

When it comes tot the G8 Meeting in Italy, European leaders must focus on way to address the social affirmative measures in order to restructure the liberal democracy which has become the bloody playground of the corporate executives who have enslaved the government affairs.

When I first began to learn democracy, I took for granted that democratic leaders always try to provide enough conditions for a socially sustainable future for younger generations. This, of course, is no longer the case.

I am very confident in the claims made by the Green Party and the Feminist Party.

I truly believe in their success.

But I cannot help feeling sad and even angry at how these Parties´ leaders reacted to all these Uprisings (Serbia, Ukraine, France, Hungary, Greece and all future battlegrounds).

These ignorant leaders refused to provide public support for the social claims made by youth all around Europe.

I thought you, Green and Feminist people, were working on improving the representation of the socially muted groups!

But you became coward and lazy and you drew back into social and political passivity and indifference!

I wonder how or whether you would react if youth protests will be met with tanks...Will you again remain silent?

If no substantial measures will be taken to restructure the social foundations of the liberal democracy, then these frustrated people will be very likely to turn to violent actions against the unrepresentative governments.

I cannot promise anything for sure, but I will try to go to Italy in July next year to do some field work about this serious crisis of confidence which absorbed the European democracy. I wish I would be able to join a non-violent Direct Action manifestation to prove my solidarity and sympathy with the children of Europe.

Why are they calling you the „Greek Syndrome“? As if you were some sort of disease...

The time has come to say goodbye to the Old Regime!

May Alexis´ soul guide (y)our non-violent Direct Actions!

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