joi, 18 decembrie 2008

Why I don´t want to write in Romanian on my blog...

Because I noticed that if I write in Romanian I always criticize something.
Because I noticed that when I criticized someone in Romanian I became very sad.
Because I noticed that it is more likely that people would not like what I write in Romanian.
Because I noticed that Romanian is the language which speaks of dust, betrayal and poverty.
Because I noticed that Romanian bloggers are usually arrogant.
Because I noticed that I can slowly replace the Google visitors on my blog articles written in Romanian with Google visitors arriving on the blog articles written in English. So there is this possibility for me that in a near future most of my visitors would come from the English-speaking world.
Because I want to see myself as different and because I´m so ashamed of being a Romanian national.

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Ciupy spunea...

Good work Paul , I'll visit wour blog every day because I want to get use writing in english again ...its a good idea