marți, 18 august 2009

Why isn't he here yet? Does America hate Romania?

Once a week, I keep visiting the website of the US embassy in Romania to see whether the new US ambassador is in office.
I don't understand why it's taking so much time to send the guy in Romania. It would be great for Romanians to see that the US keeps a friendly eye on this country.
Regional matters that would surely interest/embarrass the new US ambassador:
-political deadlock in Moldova, Romania's sister country split between a pro-European, pro-Romanian, four-party coalition including a Communist defector and a Communist Party fully controlled
by Moscow
-rising tensions between Georgia and Russia AGAIN
-Ukraine's dependence on Russian oil
-Turkey's possible accession to the European Union
-Poland's rise in the Balkans
-NATO states refusing to send more troops to Afghanistan
-Russia's fragile balance between Medvedev and Putin
-pro-European media stating that the US interests in Europe were given to Russia
-the Nabucco Pipeline project
-China's growing military spending
-Iran and North Korea having the possibility to launch a nuclear strike over Europe
-US failing to explain why the Anti-Ballistic Defence Shield for Central and Eastern
Europe was dropped out
-US heavily relying on the US military base in Constantza area, with or without Basescu.

Update: It seems that Mr. Gitenstein was officially sworn in. But the website is still out-of-dated. There is no mainstream press report(in Romanian) about the presence of Mr. Gitenstein in Romania. Two weeks have passed since he was sworn in. This delay would be a great subject for a detective story: "Where is Mr. Mark Gitenstein?" Meanwhile the long-blamed US ambassador to Moldova attempts to
conclude an agreement for a stable government between two extremely opposite political forces. Which sounds so much like the Russian puppet Voronin: "a great national coalition including all parliamentary parties".
And some say Obama is a Socialist...
Unfortunately Romania doesn't have a red button to be pressed for a reset of the bilateral relations with the US. Speaking of Obama's alleged Socialism and the red button thing, there may be a problem with the translation...

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