duminică, 19 octombrie 2008

German Poems

House of Terrors

We live in a House of Terrors,
Where people use to hide their hopes.
But the greedy Mason from the West takes
Everything away,
Leaving an empty space in our souls.
And even the sun is changed,
His beams are more greenish.
And we all fear of them.
The European power is lost,
For industries want delay,
And people trust no more.
This is my warning,
That now democracy is mourning with
Heartbreaking tears,
Its ideals and good will
Are shattered forever.
Hello, twenty-first century totalitarianism.
Please, make technology cheap,
And everything will be OK.
Das Ende ist nah.

Kn, Ger, 19/10/08

Meditation in the Abyss

What am I?
A drop of water in the lake of losers?
A grain of sand on the beach of rienitude?
A breath of hope in the ideal kosmos?
Or a bird hunted down by skillful trackers?
I don't know.
I don't want to know.
I envy the ducks who care about nothing.
The waves carry a huge burden.

Kn, Ger, 19/10/08


Behind our hopes lies change
We don´t understand pretty much
we expect for a better world
Where money lose their evil value
It´s futile to resist destruction
It´s in our nature
And Color will be everything.

Kn, Ger, 19/10/08

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