sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2008

Herzlich Willkommen in Deutschland! REALLY???

Yesterday I had a group meeting with my study advisor at UNI Konstanz. Few hours before, I went to her office to ask her something about the lectures, seminars and choices, stuff like that. She printed me an email (in English!!!) she had sent to MA British and American Studies students since October, 2nd. It was no surprise for me to find out that none of the Romanian students from Iasi doing their MA in British and American Studies in Konstanz hadn´t been informed about this introductory meeting of the British and American Studies within UNI Konstanz. And we received our letters of admissions in July.
What really got on my nerves?
The fact that the German lady said that since I was the only one to study only one semester at UNI Konstanz, the introductory meeting of the British and American Studies Department will be held only in German. Even if I told her few hours before that I am a total beginner in German Language and from a long speach I can barely understand 10%.
1. Although the German officials at UNI Konstanz have real and painful difficulties in speaking English (see below), I am definitely willing to take some free German Language courses for total beginners from the Language Institute at UNI (Oct. 21st 2008- February 2009)
2. The official site of UNI Konstanz suggested some courses within the BAST Department that are held in English. If these are lies and German teachers use German language at their courses that are supposed to be in English, I will take the first flight to Romania and I will firmly ask for the invalidation of the bilateral agreement between University of Iasi, Romania and University of Konstanz, Germany because, when I applied for this ERASMUS scholarship, I do not recall for me writing somewhere that I have some knowledge of the German Language.
3. At the first meeting within the Oktober Kurs- Orientirung Program fur Auslandiches Studenten (Intl Students), an official from the International Relations Office at UNI started to speak only in German. At one moment, he stopped speaking in German because he had seen too many confuses faces, and asked in English if people in the room had understood him. Even if most of the International students in the room said that they understood little or nothing from what he had said in German, Mr. "I don´t care a damn about you" continued to speak in German.
I am deeply sorry, my German reader, but if you ever want to go to Romania for no matter what, be sure that most of the Romanian youth between 15 up to 30 years will speak to you in an understandable English.

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