vineri, 31 octombrie 2008

German superiority and Romanian inferiority

Most of the German people I talked to, (mostly youth) right here in Konstanz, seem to experience serious physical griefs when asked politely to give instructions, of any kind, in English.
I spoke with some persons who pretended to have the answer to this matter.
It seems that the German youth learns English only in highschool. But there seems to be a little interest in having a good command of English.
I did some courses in Pedagogy and in Foreign Language Teaching. I do not remember anything about teaching a foreign language in pupil´ s mother tongue. And the situation over here is like this: German teachers teaching English to German students in German.
I got another explanation also: because compared with the rest of the known universe, the German culture is the strongest, it would be unthinkably for a German to learn the language of the inferior races. Every living being knows the German Language.
And we, the Romanian poor and mentally handicapped people, had to learn languages because we wanted to work and study abroad and we had to learn a lot about the civilized nations. We should be very proud when a tourist coming from the civilized Europe asks us questions in German, Italian, French or English. And we should be grateful forever whenever a German tourist, for instance, wants to spend some few euros in our poor and underdeveloped country.
I should be grateful when German professors here in Konstanz make clear in German to German students the course requirements for lectures, seminar held in English, during the activity as such. I should be very grateful that I look like an idiot when a German professor speaks in German to German students in an English course.
I am also very grateful that I met German citizens who do not get upset because I cannot speak in German. I am very grateful that I am not asked very very frequently why I came to Germany if I do not speak their language. They have so much understanding for the fact that I am studying in ENGLISH.
Thank God that in most of the English classes I am not almost the only one to speak in English (more applicable to BA classes, I have the right according to the German God who signed the bilateral agreement between Iasi and Konstanz to take any kind of class in my Department at UNI, some BA courses are extremely appealing to me due to their matters).

Long Live the Multilingual Europe! Die Sprache macht frei.

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