sâmbătă, 1 noiembrie 2008

I believe that

I believe that all human beings are born equal.
I believe that there is no difference between human beings at the time of their death.
I believe that no human being should be depicted as inferior to another human being.
I believe that the wars are the consequence of Western politicians´ failure to communicate in a human sense with other political representatives.
I believe that all superficial majorities should be dissolved.
I believe that no state, no organization and no person should own or use a weapon or a destructive capability.
I believe that even if education means a set of positive cultural values, those men and women who become politicians or business persons use the power mostly in their own interest.
I believe that the ultimate goal of a human being is the pursuit of happiness within a community of any kind.
I believe that the state authority should not interfere in the media.
I believe that the state authority should not regulate sexual habits, except for those which depict the human being in such a manner that it affects the dignity of a human being.
I believe that all Earth´s states should dissolve their potentially aggressive capabilities, including police and armed forces.
I believe that all national cultures are equal for the global progress.
I believe that the technology used for any form of communication should be made available worldwide, with the state´s support.
I believe that all social and political discourses should benefit from the same coverage in the public sphere.
I believe that the minumum voting age should be of sixteen.
I believe that all wealthy persons should distribute their fortune to the underpriviledged, after their own basic needs are satisfied.
I believe that an International Government should be established only on the basis of equality for all member countries.
I believe that the social progress should be achieved only in a peaceful way.
I believe that money-based systems should be replaced by knowledge-based systems or by Green systems based on the efficient management of resources.
I believe that the religious discourse should not interfere with the state affairs.
I believe that all space programs should be completely shut down untill the major social problems in the less developed countries are settled.
I believe that pornography should be strictly forbidden.
I believe that the production of tobacco-based goods should be strictly forbidden and that the state should finance health programs for former smokers.
I believe that all communities which share the same sexual habits should have equal rights within the legal system.

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