joi, 30 octombrie 2008

A new system of government is needed

Ideas are presented at random, stream of consciousness.
Attempts at replacing the Western capitalist-democratic system of government may come from the following sides. Details and further discusions in a future article.
-moderate Liberals in the economic establishment in Europe
-the future Democrat US President Barack Obama, with the help of the European progressive thinkers
-Asian reformers of the global economic system (Japan, India, China)
-emerging powers in the Southern part of the globe (Brazil, Africa, Latin America)
-middle class not-so-vocal-so-far white colars heavily affected by the global crisis
-rising social and political claims from the Green Movement or from the Feminist Movement
-strong and violent social protests of the underpriviledged in the Western World (EU and USA)
-extremist leaders coming from nowhere.

I do not believe in the idea of a International/Global/Planetary Government because emerging powers coming from Asia, Latin America and Africa would say that this would concentrate the political decision in the hands of Western falling apart system. A new global political system should give more power to emerging regional powers (Brazil, Japan, Nigeria, India), which are denied the right for a permanent seat in the Security Council of the United Nations.
And anyway the Western ideology sees nowadays its last moments.
I think that Barack Obama will create a Momentum, if he restores the global confidence in the USA.
What I personally expect from President Obama:
-open negociations with the talibans, Al Qaida
-US complete withdrawal from the Middle East affairs
-no war started during his presidency
-quick end for Aghan-Iraqi wars
-more political connections with emerging powers (India, Japan, Brazil, China)
-reconsidering the international cooperation within NATO and UN
-complete denuclearization in the world
-space race temporarily shut down
-more money for underpriviledged persons
-I expect him to survive all future attempts at assassinating him of the White Republican Supremacists
-I do not expect from him to mix up federal governance with faith-based discourse
-Pax Americana till 2020

Any comments so far?

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