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Barroso Commission promotes Totalitarianism

Let me present my angry viewpoint.

In these times of crisis serious questions are been raised about the future of the European Union, and consequently about the power/significance of the European Institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission. The European stakeholders face nowadays a growing apathy from the citizens towards the idea of an European identity.

The European Union does not speak in one voice in issues concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the Middle East affairs, the relation with the Sudanese government, concerning the Common European Energy Policy, the creation of an European Army, the human rights violations in China, Africa and other troubled regions. This has triggered the widespread distrust in the European bureacrats.

Like in any other form of totalitarian regime, the central power in Bruxelles tries to get the control over the civil society. One particular manifestation of the civil society in the European Union is the youth organization, including also also students´ unions.

AEGGE is a close ally of the European nomenklatura because it is substantially linked to the financial aid provided by the European Union, the Parliament and the Commission. AEGEE is essentially a youth organization very well represented in Europe, not only in the European Union.

The European bureacrats want to get this ideological message to youth, who do not benefit from the whole methodological and critical apparatus in processing the set of values promoted by them. When the entire European Union is a battleground for conflicting attitudes towards the "European" affairs, the ideological element is appealing to youth. The commercial image of the prototype European citizen speaks about wealth, freedom of movement and free movement of workers. It is very dangerous to try to inoculate ideological elements in the youth´s minds because this is fucking close to Totalitarianism.

If you do not believe me, let me get some help from major social scientists.

Brzezinski and Friedrich (1956)
The system of propaganda and mass communication developed in the totalitarian systems is of crucial importance for the maintenance of the regime.

Michel de Certeau (1984)
The powers in our developed societies have at their disposal rather subtly and closely-knit procedures for the control of all social networks, these are the administrative and 'panoptic' systems of the police, the schools, health services, security. But they are slowing losing all credibility. They have more power and less authority.

James Lull (2000)
Consciousness is influenced by the transmission of the dominant ideology to the extent that society´s powerful institutions can infiltrate thinking and affect human action.

As far as I know the civil society is supposed to represent all the tendancies in the social discourse. And also I think that the very idea of civil society rejects the concept of a central authority which tries to force all marginal constituents to accept its values.

If we are to consider that this youth organization called AEGEE is part of the civil society, how come that it does rely heavily upon the financial support of the European Union, and more precisely it relies on the political decision made in the European Commission?
AEGEE has a Simulation Conference in the German city of Konstanz , November 2008. The topic is the use of biofuels.
The thing is that the European manipulators accepted this topic because they want to make sure that all the participants in this Conference will receive a very favourable image of the
hypocrite love of the European Union´s first class countries for the Green matters.
I think that the most socially active young people all around the Europe are very concerned with the impact of the decisions made in the Bruxelles secretive offices.
Just think about this.
The European Union is now controlled by a right-wing coalition of parties, EPP-ED. The EPP-ED controls the Parliament and the Commission. The Commissioner for Education, Youth and Culure comes from the EPP-ED. Money for MEU Konstanz 2008 comes from the EPP-ED Commissioner.
Another problem is with the distribution of power within political groups.
Please check over my previous posts.

Power-based relations within MEU Konstanz 2008

Imbalance, bad management, manipulation or stereotypes?

All in all, the European right-wing politicians try to have a hold over the youth votes because otherwise the social infrastructure would collapse.

In the end, I will quote a German

My opinion about this is very clear. I would really like to decide more in the EU, because I'm very interested in some of the actions in the EU and about the laws and decisions, which are taken in the EU. I'm disappointed that just so few people in our community interest about the EU and its consequences for our daily-life. Why don’t they want to know and decide what’s going on with our policy? The scepticism of the politicians to let the citizens decide more in the EU is very understandable, because there are so many people, who really would not know what they vote for.
So I would of course prefer it to decide more in the EU, not every little decision, like in Switzerland for example, but the important ones.

I think, that this statement is mostly right. On the one hand we have to think about the politicians and their every-day life. It’s their job to understand and use the laws and the constitutions. They have to know everything about the policy in the EU to do their job as well as they can. And on the other hand we must think about the citizens in the EU, for whom the laws have the same status as for the politicians, but the citizens don’t really understand all of these laws and about all the European alliances, coalitions and of course its actions. And it's unfortunately also right that some people really don't care about the EU and its greatness and the chances, which come with this greatness and with the European idea, but it’s after all not right to say “the citizens”, because not all of the citizens are so uninterested in the EU and there are not few who really know a lot about the EU.

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