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Counting the victims in the history of genocide

Robinson Crusoe saving an European Christian White male prisoner of the cannibals

Chapter "We March Out Against the Cannibals"

Friday, being now left to his liberty, pursued the flying wretches,
with no weapon in his hand but his hatchet: and with that he
despatched those three who as I said before, were wounded at first,
and fallen, and all the rest he could come up with: and the
Spaniard coming to me for a gun, I gave him one of the fowling-
pieces, with which he pursued two of the savages, and wounded them
both; but as he was not able to run, they both got from him into
the wood, where Friday pursued them, and killed one of them, but
the other was too nimble for him; and though he was wounded, yet
had plunged himself into the sea, and swam with all his might off
to those two who were left in the canoe; which three in the canoe,
with one wounded, that we knew not whether he died or no, were all
that escaped our hands of one-and-twenty. The account of the whole is as follows: Three killed at our first shot from the tree; two
killed at the next shot; two killed by Friday in the boat; two
killed by Friday of those at first wounded; one killed by Friday in
the wood; three killed by the Spaniard; four killed, being found
dropped here and there, of the wounds, or killed by Friday in his
chase of them; four escaped in the boat, whereof one wounded, if
not dead - twenty-one in all.

Any comments you would like to make concerning the power-based
situation over here?

What does Friday stand for?
Who is the evil figure here?
In terms of war rules, who is the aggressor here?
In terms of technology who is most likely to win the battle?
What are the premises of the Euro-American civilization pattern over here?
Did you know that there are "good" and "bad" cannibals?

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