vineri, 28 noiembrie 2008

Konstanz students boycott Law professor

Today, I found a flyer on a table in the refectory of the University of Konstanz, Germany. All words were in German, a language I don´t know so well (I am working on this). The thing that attracted my attention was the repeated use of the word "Nazi". There also was a black and white picture of a male in his mid fifties sitting behind a table at a conference or a debate.
Fortunately I found a Romanian friend at the refectory and he briefly explained me what the whole thing was about.
It seems that students at the University of Konstanz, Germany, are very upset because they found out that there is a professor in the Law Department of the University, who is suspected of having Nazi or neo-Nazi (I´m not quite sure about the terminology) opinions.
It seems that the students went to the officials of UNI Konstanz, asking for this professor to be fired (please note the pun). It seems they didn´t received any positive answer and therefore they called for a boycott.
It seems that a students´ organization supports their claims.
All students who are taking part in one of his lectures are required to boycott the professor and not to participate in any lecture of his.
The only reason for me writing this on my blog is the fact that I thought about a similar scenario taking place in a Romanian university. I cannot imagine any Romanian student taking part in a boycott against a professor who might have expressed praises towards the former repressive political regime maintained by the Romanian Communist Party.
I don´t know the professor´s name and I´m pretty sure it isn´t relevant for the time being.

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