duminică, 7 decembrie 2008

Barack Obama, my friend

I discussed with many of my friends why and how Barack Obama, my friend, won the 2008 US presidential election.
One of the explanations would be this:
Barack Obama represented the rebel element, the young reformer coming from outside the system. He struggled against a White old sick Republican man(John McCain) who defended strong social conventions.
When people who are considered as marginal or they think of themselves as marginal casted their votes for Barack Obama, they invested their own personal spiritual ambitions in the representative of what they considered as being a good chance for a better future.
The last candidate from the Democratic Party to win a presidential election was Bill Clinton. He had 47 million popular votes. Barack Obama had 69 million popular votes...

working class+women+ethnic groups+sexual minorities+young people+green movements+anti-war activists+laymen+(traditional Republican voters angry at Bush) AGAINST the symbol of the patriarchal capitalist dictatorship.

So the huge tournout (the difference between the Democrat candidate and the Republican candidate was of 10 million votes) was an act of rebellion against the male center, oppresive, aggressive, selfish and authoritarian.

If Barack Obama, my friend, does not fulfill most of these personal ambitions...I didn´t think so far...

We applied concepts from psychoanalysis, from social psychology, from political sciences, from anthropology, from gender studies, from postcolonial criticism.

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