duminică, 7 decembrie 2008

What is not...

The University of Konstanz´s main building is NOT:
-a terrorist training camp
-a striptease bar.

Besides these things, the University´s main building houses almost all kinds of activities you could think of.

You can do a lot of things in the main building:
-getting cash from ATMS
-smoking (outside, of course)
-having a coffee
-sleeping at night, in the library, during the working week when the library is open 24 hours a day
-reading really good books
-learning languages
-giving pieces of advice to confused students
-having a chat with your Romanian, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Italian, US, Spanish, Mexican friends
-surfing the Internet (because in your student residence the University administration cut off the Internet connections for everybody...)
-writing (and reading) poems on the toilet doors
-checking your e-mails
-doing your homework
-watching a good movie with your friend(s)
-everything else.

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