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Lies! Lies! Lies! All you can tell are lies! [The neutrality of this article is disputed and should not be taken for granted]

What really happened in Jericho with the planned event by OneVoice Movement?
Here they say the participants were threatened by Palestinian militants. Is that true?

LATER EDIT- not fully related with the initial topic

I am totally confused. For the last 2 hours I have been trying to see whether Israel killed the children of Qana. Even if the "official voice" (world leaders, human right organizations, even Israeli media) says that an Israeli missile killed those children, there is a huge apparatus of criticism on the Internet according to which the terrorist Hezbollah organization staged everything, deceiving even Western media.
If the objective reality is that Israel killed a number of children in the Qana 2006 aistrike, everything which contradicts this would be a huge feeling of guilt from Western, Liberal, Socialist, Pacificist groups. Or as one may put it, it is too horrible to even think that your country killed in such a way innocent children.
If the objective reality is that the dead children shown on TV channels, neswpapers, blogs and so on are not victims of an Israeli military action, this would mean that international islamic terrorism uses also online warfare in order to shut down its opponents.
Only until few hours ago I was convinced that Israel really killed those children. Now I feel I must take a strong neutral attitude towards this because there are huge implications for my political stance if I support the Lebanese/official/Hezbollah viewpoint and as well if I indiscriminately accept all criticism directed against media coverage of the Qana 2006 airstrike.
I strongly advise my readers to collect viewpoints from as many sources as they can because none of the version stays unchallenged.
I can´t help noticing that something really strange happened with all articles on Wikipedia related to Qana 2006 Israeli attack. There are some online references which can´t be accessed any longer (I don´t know the reason).
So, you have here the main Wikipedia article on the 2006 Qana aistrike thing. If you try to access reference #42 ( Stern, Yoav, Yuval Yoaz, and Amos Harel. Livni: Qana attack led to turning point in support for Israel." Ha'aretz. 1 August 2006. 1 September 2006) you find out that it´s impossible because the webpage doesn´t exist.
One very very interesting point is the following: how would the Hezbollah militants have been able to bring the bodies of the dead children into the building hit by an Israeli missile (this is the only point on which everyone agrees, that there was a building hit by an Israeli rocket) before the airstrike? There were incessant satellite surveillances of that war scene by the Israelis, the Americans, the Chinese, Russian armed forces.
Indeed I noticed that most of the criticism directed against a so-called Hezbollah online-media warfare fails to answer this question: Where did the Hezbollah militants (disguised or not, among journalists or rescue workers) get from the corpses of those children? There are some anonymous claims that the Hezbollah forces took hostages those children and waited till Israelis launched the aistrike. But there is no confirmation from the ground that this scenario is reasonable.
I am very tired of this confusion, so I will indicate you some websites where you can look for answers ( if you find one, please let me know)

1. Israel National News, Evidence Mounts that Kana "Massacre" Was a Fake, by Hillel Fendel, HERE
2. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Completion of inquiry into July 30th incident in Qana, 2 Aug 2006) acknowledges (directly or indirectly, I can´s say which) that there were some children killed in the Qana incident. HERE
3. A blog called EU Referendum develops the conspiracy theory (Hezbollah staged everything). HERE. and HERE
4. Probably a web satellite which acts as proxy for Hezbollah in the media warfare or perhaps the website is controlled by manipulated/confused/angry Lebanese people. HERE
5. This website claims that the accusations made by the Israeli Defence Force, IDF, were false, and therefore that the building in which some innocent people were supposedly sleeping wasn´t used with military purposes by Hezbollah. HERE
6. Human Rights Watch said that Israel considered Qana as a complete war zone and it violated international conventions on warfare. HERE
7. An American legal counselor (?) defends Israel´s use of disproportionate force against known civilians-inhabited areas. HERE
8. CNN is presenting strong international criticism directed toward Israel´s alleged killing of innocent civilians in Qana 2006 airstrike (including children). HERE
9. The real frightful question: "What is it about the photos from Qana that made Israel's supporters prefer fantasy to fact?" A question raised in a Washington Post Blog. HERE

This article on my blog will not be edited, modified, deleted. Even if with all these things I have just presented. The problem remains now: whether Hezbollah used these children to gain a favourable image in the context of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon/Hezbollah war or Israelis really indiscriminately killed civilians and people who are supporting the conspiracy theory can´t cope with the idea that an outrageous murder was commited against children?

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Blue Heeler spunea...

".... this would mean that international islamic terrorism uses also online warfare in order to shut down its opponents."

Welcome to the real world! Too much to say in a web reply but, the documented evidence of islamist atrocity against their own people - for mere political gain and propaganda - is overwhelming.
Remember their mantra, "We love death more than you love life".
Doubt it at your peril.