luni, 8 decembrie 2008

Model European Union 2008, Konstanz, Germany, Newspapers

Leftist Press, EuroTimes, 07/11/2008

Leftist Press, EuroTimes, 08/11/2008

Conservative Press, The Voice, 07/11/2008

Conservative Press, The Voice, 08/11/2008

Rainbow Press, XPost, 07/11/2008, page 1

Rainbow Press, XPost, 07/11/2008, page 2

Rainbow Press, XPost, 07/11/2008, page 1

Rainbow Press, XPost, 08/11/2008, page 2

The structure of the Simulation Game had three types of press: left-oriented (leftist), conservative and rainbow. All five (+our chair) of us had to find names for our newspaper together with the other journalists from the other kinds of press.
The layout for EuroTimes (the leftist newspaper) was made by the organizers. The spelling mistakes and the dislocated comas are due to organizers (They put inverted commas where I didn´t put any and they deleted some inverted commas. This really changed the meaning of some of my articles.) So, wherever you find inverted commas, think that I may not have used them.

If the organizers were to say that this Simulation Game was a success, they should really think about these points:
1. How many AEGEE antennae did send a positive feedback about the PR situation around MEU Konstanz 2008?
2. How many AEGEE antennae were represented at the Simulation Game?
3. How many participants at the Simulation Game are students at the University of Konstanz?
4. How strong was the diversity of channels used to promote the Simulation Game among students, European, in Konstanz, European Union or International students?

In my opinion, the Simulation Game was a local event, not even a German one...Far from being an European one! It´s about spread.

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