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I couldn´t help noticing that all international organizations which asserted their goal of achieving peace failed to do so. In spite of EU, NATO, UNO efforts to establish planetary peace, during my life I lived 15 regional conflicts. Making these democratic structures unable to represent mankind´s ultimate desire for peace. Therefore I do not accept the political authority of these three Western institutions: EU, UNO and NATO.
There is no non-Arab journalist in Gaza since the beginning of the Israeli massacre of the civilian population almost two weeks ago.
Israel prevented every Western/ American/European journalist from entering Gaza. Why? Because the terrorist state of Israel wants to hide the real extent of the humanitarian disaster in Gaza?
No Western journalist dared to criticize Israel on igniting a malicious information war against the people of Gaza.
All European journalists who speak about the precarious conditions of the civilians in Gaza do not use first-hand Gaza reports. Most of them even use reports from Israeli media about the occupied Gazans. Starting from the way in which Western media covered the Israeli occupation of Gaza I understood that the press in Europe holds no power in the democratic state but it is the perverted information arm of the military leaders.
When a Western journalist speaks about the Israeli "incursion" "offensive" in Gaza, for each occurrence of these terms they say at least ten times: terrorist attacks Hamas, Israeli defense. There is an outrageous imbalance between the way in which the Western media (ALL!) understands to cover the Israeli massacre of the civilian population in Gaza. The Israeli point of view receives far more coverage. For each pro-Palestinian commentator, Western TV channels bring ten pro-Israeli commentators.
This is the point where because of the criminal silence oberved by EU, UNO and USA, I think that the ultimate political change in the Euro-American zone can be achieved only by using terrorism against unrepresentative capitalist structures.
Iraq and Afghanistan did not attack any EU country. No declaration of war was issued between Iraq and Romania, or between Aghanistan and Denmark. This situation will lead to a increased number of terrorist attacks in Europe. This is solely the fault of the unrepresentative democratic leaders in all EU states. Al-Qaida did not attack EU. Why is EU becoming the Americans´ whore in the Middle East?
For the readers interested in media, information and politics issues: compare the way in which thw European media covered the Israeli massacre over Lebanon more than two years ago and see now how the European media is silent about the daily sufferings of the civilians in Gaza who may as well end smashed by Israeli tanks or shot by Israeli teenage soldiers.
So far only Iran, Qatar and Jordan made public criticism against Israel.
And another very disgusting point about European media: there is little interest on showing the real intensity of the demonstrations in the Arab world. Because most of the Arab leaders kept silent about the Israeli genocide, now the extremist feeling among Muslims will lead to tens of thousands of recruits for Al-Qaida.
By the year 2010 there will be five times more Islamic terrorist attacks than between 1990 and 2008. The Muslim anger will be directed not only towards USA but also against EU.

I trust no more the US president-elect Barack Oabama because he did not defend the children and women of Gaza when they were terrorized by the Israeli missiles. Mr. Obama said a lot of things about the US economy, he already behaved as if he were the current US president. He condemned the Mumbay terrorist attacks, but he was silent about Israeli soldiers going on war against Palestinians.
The only sure thing is that when the Black puppy of the Jewish will be confirmed as acting US president, no Israeli soldier will be in Gaza. The terrorist state of Israel will not want to embarass Barack Obama. I lost all confidence in the young US Black man called Barack Obama.

Why did the Israeli Defence Force attack Gaza when there was a power vaccum in USA and EU?
USA has no president now. There is a transition.
EU has no leadership when in comes to foreign policy. The French EU presidency was given to the Czech Republic, but who gives a damn about the Czech EU president? I don´t even know who is he or she. The French washed their hands when they were criticized by the Arab media, saying they were no longer in charge.

God knows how many deaths in Gaza are due to the Israeli murderers! There may be 1000 people killed, entire cities may have been wiped out by the Israeli terrorist. And we don´t have a clue because the media channels we are using are pro-Israel and they are politically attached to the European bureacrats in Bruxelles who are not interested in dealing with the humanitarian crisis.

How is fucking giving a damn about the Christian population of Gaza? Not even the Fascist Pope said anything about this. From our behalf all the Christians in Gaza may die of thirst, hunger, fear or bullet because we are pissing on them. They are hidding in basements, they hear all day long the Israeli bombs and we keep quiet again. The children of Qana died for nothing.

The Israeli declaration of war against Gaza HERE
My European Union recognized the democratic elections held in Gaza which were won by Hamas. The European Union accepted Hamas as a partner for dialogue. HERE
Egyptian actions increase the humanitarian crisis in Gaza HERE

The Israeli killings of Gaza children will bring more Arab young men in Ossama Bin Laden´s hands.

Today, after Israeli air-strikes that killed over 200 Palestinians in Gaza, the Middle East is again seething with rage. Recruiters to the most radical of causes are again cashing in. If Osama Bin Laden is indeed a cave-dweller these days then U.S. intel should be listening out for a booming echo of laughter. Demonstrations across the Arab world and contributors to the ever-proliferating Arabic language news media and blogosphere hold the U.S., and not just Israel, responsible for what happened today (and that is a position taken, for good reasons, by sensible folk, not hard-liners). America’s allies in the region are again running for cover.

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