marți, 14 octombrie 2008

How much does a war cost nowadays?

If the Western powers, including Romania, haven´t had occupied (illegally) Afghanistan and Iraq, there would have been enough money to stop the global financial crisis which will end up in the rise of the extremist politicians and the death of democracy all around the globe.
I spoke with many young people this July in Graz, Austria, and here at Konstanz, Germany, and I was told that in many European countries and not only European, people´s confidence in the politicians has dropped to alarming levels. Contemporary democracy seems to have fewer and fewer supporters in the Western world. This applies to Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Austria, France, UK, Bulgaria, Belgium and many other more countries.
Let me take as an example Holly from the US.
She supported Hillary Clinton on gender-based grounds but after the former First Lady quited the race, she did not direct her sympathy to Barack Obama and she is not convinced by the White middle-class candidate for the US vice presidency. She told me that she does not to take part anymore in the democratic electoral system because her expectations proved to be to high when it came to US politicians. She, like many many more, will become a permanent absentee.
Sarkozy establishes the beginning of totalitarianism in France.
The Romanian populist president gets suspended by a corrupt Parliament.
Berlusconi establishes the beginning of totalitarianism in Italy.
Endemic corruption in Bulgaria
Political instability in Belgium
The United States on the brink of civil war due to social unrest and political hatred.

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